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What Did I Learn In The Days With A Christian?

I invited an Australian friend to come to China. He stayed at my home and we travelled together. He happens to be a pious Christian. This is the first time I have got a chance to watch how a Christian lives. Since the time when we stayed together is very short, only about half a month, my observation and comments may be far from being accurate or fair. I just tell what I saw and think about the experience. If I am wrong in some respects, feel free to point out.


He lives a very simple life. No smoking, no drinking, and even no coffee. Happily for me, I found he likes tea, so I could serve him tea while I made a cup of tea for myself. He is not particular about food and loved everything I served him. He said blood of any kind should be strictly forbidden. Of course he prefers simple, ordinary food to strange and very expensive foods, such as dog meat or shark fin or swallow nest.


In every way, he is a perfect and model husband, though his wife passed away a few months ago. Their marriage lasted for 46 years, and it had never occurred to them that he would leave her, or she would leave him. I ventured to ask him something private and sensitive, that is,  whether he would find another woman in the future. To my surprise, he told me that once they got married, they had become one, and would never separate. Though she is gone now, she is waiting for him in Heaven. They will meet there very soon. What’s the point of having another woman? He is firm that he won’t remarry. I was worried about the loneliness of his life, but he said he didn’t feel lonely at all. His family stays very close to each other and he is still busy doing a lot of work.


He usually gets up at five in the morning, unthinkably early in the modern standard, takes a quick shower, reads the Bible and meditates for a long time before breakfast. Before each meal, he made an open prayer, which made the meal meaningful. Meditation is one of the most luxurious things in our age. Many young people may never know what it is! But I do believe we all need it, at least once or twice a week. This practice is obviously good for self-reflection, purification of our mind, and making some room for new ideas.


As a Christian, I wonder how often he goes to church. He didn’t tell me right away. Instead he explained that only the relationship between God and him counts. As for the rituals, they always come after the relationship. Faith always comes first. What he said makes sense. Meditation means your communication with Him in person, which is absolutely an indispensable part of your life.


One day when he was riding in the car, the driver made a mistake and nearly hit the wall. Later I asked him if he was scared and worried about his safety. But he asked me in turn what I thought about it. Suddenly I realized that as a Christian is always in the hands of God, and God will take care of everything, so he had nothing to fear or worry about. Such a life is just wonderful, isn’t it? Can we expect anything better? In comparison, we atheists have so much to fear and worry about in our life. That’s why we can seldom be happy and in peace.


It seems to me that Christians have ready answers to anything. For example, should we do good deeds without letting others know? Yes. But why? Think hard. The more we think, the more confused we will be. Finally we have to admit it is a lie! Any atheist who says so must be a shameless liar! But for Christians, it’s reasonable. If you do a good deed, you will be rewarded by Him. He knows everything, so why do you need to let others know? Another example, should we do bad things? No. But why not? We atheists don’t fear God, so we can do any bad things on condition that we are not caught. No wonder so many officials are so “brave”, they dare to do whatever they like, thinking nobody can stop them, because they know they have Power in their hands and they won’t be punished.


He gave me a Holy Bible, hoping I would read it. In fact, I read the most-widely-read book twice when I was in college over 20 years ago. It was an English version. The Chinese edition seems very strange because of the poor translation. I am fascinated by their way of life, and even in envy of their simple happiness. However, to be honest and frank, I find it very hard to join them. But Saul was converted, why can’t I? Or my life would be meaningless.



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