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You should never say the seven things to your boss


Everyone has a boss. Even if you "work for yourself," you're still an employee to your client.人人都有老板。即使你是自己开业,你还是你的客户的雇员。

A big part of maintaining the boss-employee relationship is to never allow a boss to think you dislike your work, are incapable of doing it, or--worse--consider it beneath you.维持劳资关系的要点,是绝不要让老板认为你讨厌自己的工作,干不了这份工作,或者,更糟糕的是,让老板以为你是大材小用。

These sound like no-brainers, but many statements heard commonly around the workplace violate these basic rules. Looking for an example? Here are seven heard in workplaces all the time. They may seem ordinary, even harmless. But try reading these from your boss's point of view. You'll see right away why it's smart to never allow these seven sentences to pass your lips: 这些听起来是糊涂之人的糊涂话。但是在工作单位常常听到的话恰好违反了这些基本原则。需要实例吗?以下是在工作单位经常听到的七句话,听起来很平常,甚至好像毫无害处。不过,从老板的角度来听这些话,你会马上明白,聪明人是绝对不会说这些话的:

1."That's not my job." 那可不是我的工作。

You know what? A lot of bosses are simple souls who think your job is to do what's asked of you. So even if you're assigned a task that is, indeed, not your job, refrain from saying so. Instead, try to find out why your boss is assigning you this task--there may be a valid reason. If you believe that doing the task is a bad idea (as in, bad for the company) you can try explaining why and suggesting how it could be better done by someone else. This may work, depending on the boss. In any case, remember that doing  what's asked of you, even tasks outside your job description, is good karma. 你得明白,很多老板不过是普通人,他们认为你的工作就是完成要求你做的事情。所以,即使布置给你的事情的确并非你的工作,也不要那么说。你得努力发现为什么老板安排你做这件事,也许他是有恰当理由的。要是你相信这件事不该做(不如对于公司不利),你可以尽力解释原因,并建议由某人来做可以更好。这也许可行,但要取决于老板。不管怎么说,去做要求你做的事,甚至是额外的事情,会有好的回报的。

2."It's not my problem." 这不关我的事。

When people say something is not their problem it makes them look like they don't care. This does not endear them to anybody, especially the boss. If a problem is brewing and you have nothing constructive to say, it's better to say nothing at all. Even better is to pitch in and try to help. Because, ultimately, a problem in the workplace is everyone's problem. We're all in it together. 当人们说某件事和他们无关,这么说使得他们显得漠不关心。大家对此都不会抱有好感,特别是老板。要是问题快要产生,而你没有什么好的建议,那就闭嘴。更好一点的做法是投入进去,设法解决。因为,归根到底,工作单位里面的问题是每一个雇员的问题,人人都有责任的。

3."It's not my fault." 我没有错。

Yet another four words to be avoided. Human nature is weird. Claiming that something is not our fault often has the result of making people suspect it is. Besides, what's the real issue here? It's that something went wrong and needs to be fixed. That's what people should be thinking about--not who is to blame. 这四个字应该避免。人的本性很古怪。说我没有错,结果呢,人家恰恰怀疑是你的错。此外,这里的关键是什么呢?无非是出了问题,需要解决。那才是大家应该考虑的,而不是怪谁。

4."I can only do one thing at a time." 我只能一次干一件事。

Complaining you are overworked will not make your boss feel sorry for you or go easier on you. Instead, a boss will think: (1) you resent your job, and/or (2) you aren't up to your job. Everybody, especially nowadays, feels pressured and overworked. If you're trying to be funny, please note that some sarcasm is funny and lightens the mood. Some just ticks people off.  抱怨工作过于繁重,不会让老板同情你,也不会善待你。老板反而会认为:1. 你讨厌自己的工作;或者2. 你干不了这份工作。每个人,特别是如今,觉得压力很大,工作繁重。如果你想要开开玩笑,务必小心玩笑是好玩的,能够放松心情的。有些玩笑只会使人发火。

5."I am way overqualified for this job." 这活对我是大材小用。

Hey, maybe you are. But the fact is, this is the job you have. You agreed to take it on and, while you may now regret that decision, it's still your job. Complaining that it's beneath you only makes you look bad. Plus, coworkers doing similar jobs may resent and dislike you. And guess what? Bosses will not think, "Oh, this is a superior person whom I need to promote." Nope, they'll think, "What a jerk." 也许你的确是大材小用。不过事实是,这就是你的工作。虽然你可能现在后悔当初的选择,但是当时你的确同意接受这份工作,而且现在还是你的活。抱怨你是大材小用,只会给自己抹黑。此外,干同样工作的同事会不喜欢你,讨厌你。而且,老板不会认为:啊呀,这是个高人,我得提拔他。不可能。老板会以为:真是个笨蛋!

6."This job is easy! Anyone could do it!" 这活太容易了,谁都可以干

Maybe what you're trying to convey here is that you're so brilliant your work is easy. Unfortunately, it comes off sounding more like, "This work is stupid." Bosses don't like hearing that any work is stupid. Nor do they really like hearing that a job is easy peasy. It belittles the whole enterprise. If a task is simple, be glad and do it as quickly as you can. Even "stupid" work needs to get done. 也许你想要表达的意思是你太聪明了,而你的工作太简单。不幸的是,这话听起来更像是:这个活真蠢。老板不会喜欢听到什么工作很蠢,或者工作太简单的话。这贬低了整个企业。如果工作简单,那么就高高兴兴去干,尽快干完。尽管工作真的很蠢,也需要有人干,不是吗?

7."It can't be done." 这活没法干。

Saying something can't be done is like waving a red flag in a boss's eyes. Even if the thing being suggested truly is impossible, saying it is can make you look ineffectual or incapable. Better to play detective. Why is the boss asking you to do whatever it is? What's the problem that needs to be solved? What's the goal? Search for doable ways of solving that problem or reaching that goal. That's what bosses really want. Most of them do not expect the impossible.说某件事无法干,好比是在老板的眼前挥舞红旗,有意要惹他发怒。即使要你做的事真的没法干,说出来只会让你显得无能。最好调查一下,干嘛老板要让你干那件事?到底要解决什么问题?目的究竟是什么?寻找解决问题之道,达到目的。那才是老板真正想要的。大多数老板并不会指望员工干无法完成的任务。

Last words: When in doubt, remember that silence really is golden.






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